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textarea field

The field is used to enter long text.


autofocus Optional

  • Type boolean | 'true' | 'false'

If this parameter is passed, when setting this field, control will be automatically transferred to it.

autoresize Optional

  • Type boolean | number | string

After entering the data, the field will stretch if this parameter is set.

If you pass true, the field will be stretch to fit the text inside it.

Passing a numeric value will set the maximum number rows that the field will display without scrolling. If this amount is exceeded vertical scroll will appear.

placeholder Optional

  • Type string

The string value of the prompt before entering data.

Also all parameters common to all FormField. Information about them can be found on this page.


This field works with string values.


  • The field is available when using Tab and Shift + Tab.
  • Lock cancels Tab navigation.
  • Blocking a field changes the style of textarea.
  • Validation error changes textarea style.
  • When set to autoresize the size should always be checked when changing values


There are no additional required parameters for this field, so we need to specify only type and name:

<form-field name="pass" type="textarea"/>
<form-field name="pass" type="textarea"/>
import {FormField} from "jenesius-vue-form";
import {FormField} from "jenesius-vue-form";

Default field:

Enter a description

In locked state:


Field not validated:


The password is too simple

Automatic field increase when data changes:

Doing more

The current state of the form:


Released under the MIT License.