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tel field

The field is used to enter numerical values.


autofocus Optional

  • Type boolean | 'true' | 'false'

If this parameter is passed, when setting this field, control will be automatically transferred to it.

Also all parameters common to all FormField. Information about them can be found on this page.


This field works with a string value.

  • The field is available when using Tab and Shift + Tab.
  • Lock cancels Tab navigation.
  • Blocking a field changes the style of number.
  • Validation error changes number style.
  • The resulting field value is a string of numbers.
  • The field format is used exclusively for entering mobile numbers. In other cases, it is necessary use text and pretty/modify attributes.
  • The field should display the icon of the country to which the entered phone belongs, empty - in case if the number could not be processed. The analysis of the entered data lies with libphonenumber-js.
  • Icons used to display country affiliation are taken from


There are no additional required parameters for this field, so we need to specify only type and name:

<form-field name="phone" type="tel"/>
<form-field name="phone" type="tel"/>
import {FormField} from "jenesius-vue-form";
import {FormField} from "jenesius-vue-form";

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