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Quick start

This section contains information that allows you to customize the form and manage all the functionality that spans the library.

Creating a Form

To initialize the form, you also need to create:

import {Form} from "jenesius-vue-form"
const form = new Form();

Connecting child elements, provide form to child component, setting the form will make default values itself.

Input connection

To add input fields, you can use standard components provided by the library. However, you can also create your own lean library functionality, reed more.

    <input-field type = "text" name = "user" label = "Username"/>
    <input-field type = "text" name = "age" label = "Age"/>
<script setup>
    import {Form, InputField} from "jenesius-vue-form"
    const form = new Form();

By default, InputField will connect to the nearest parent form. After that, all control over the input field will go to the Form instance.

Setting and getting values

The main task of the form is to work with the data that has been entered. user. Use form.values to get data. To set values you need to pass values to the form.setValues method



In this article, the basic features of the library were considered.

  • Detailed Form Documentation here.