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Form State

В данном артикле будет описано полное состояние Формы. Прошу отметить, что здесь идёт речь лишь о значениях и для чего они могут использоваться, они написаны на typescript и не являются реактивными. По этому их следует использовать для логической работы с формой. Если вам интересен Reactive подход необходимо перейти на эту статью.


Is a getter property, will return a set of all values of the given form. Important to remember, that all values passed to the form are simplified and written to the maximum in-depth view.

form.setValues({ name: 'vue'})
form.change({ 'user.age': 23 })
form.values // { name: 'vue', user: { age: 23 } }


This getter will only return those fields that have been marked as changed. Similarly, with the upper example, it will be displayed:

  "user": {
    "age": 23


String. The name of the form. Typically, used to link a form to the entity it is displays.


Boolean. Returns true if the form has been disabled.


Boolean, evaluates to true if the form has been modified.


Setter read is used to set the method that will be called when reading form data: = async () => {
	const newData = await readDataFromDB();


Similar to read, there is a save setter that sets the value of the function, which will be called when the form is saved: = async () => {
	await saveDataToDB(form.changes);
	// automatical will run form.cleanChanges()


A reference to the parent form, or undefined if the form is the main form.

Reactive State

The properties of the Form objects have been described above, but the form itself is not reactive and has neither reactive, nor ref, nor computed properties. However, the following hook can be used for reactivity:

// import {useFormState} from "jenesius-vue-form"
const state = useFormState(form);

State is a reactive object and has the following properties:


Returns true if the form has been modified by an input field, or using the form.change method:

// does not put the form in the "changed" state
form.setValues({name: 'vue'}) 

// Put Form in the "changed" state
form.change({name: 'vue'})


Returns true if the form has been put into a state not editable with method disable