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The event system allows you to flexibly respond to any form change. For work with events, two commonly accepted methods are used:

  • form.on(event, callback)
  • form.emit(event, someData)

The form.on method returns a callback function that can be used to unsubscribe from event listener:

const off = form.on('disable', checkFields());
setTimeout(off, 1000);

After one second, the form will not respond to the disable event.

To work with the form, you can use internal events that are stored in Form static fields:


Called whenever the form.disable method is called, on the received values will either be an array of fields to block, or undefined.

form.on(FORM.EVENT_DISABLE, () => {}); // ['address', 'username']
form.disable(['address', 'username'])


Called whenever the form.enable method is called. Obtained values similar to EVENT_DISABLE events


Called whenever an element subscribes to the form.

The resulting element will be the signed object itself.


Called whenever an element is unsubscribed from the form. For example, when hiding (using v-if) InputField, this event will be fired.