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Custom Widgets

You can still use your own input fields. If to speak Exactly, this is a more versatile and more practical way. In order to connect custom input fields, you can use two methods:

Using config

This method is convenient in that we do not abandon the InputField functionality, but overwrite part of it. This method is described here.

Any props passed will also be passed to your component. But! There are some differences worth mentioning:


Options will always be cast as follows:

    "title": "Title", "value": 1
    "title": "Jenesius", "value": 2

disabled and errors

These properties will be internal, they can be overridden, but then the form will not be able to influence them:

<input-field disabled name = "input"/>
form.enable('input'); // Not working

Similarly, with errors, in this case the validate method will not be able to show errors.

This is where the restrictions end. If this method or restrictions are not allowed for your project, you can use the following method.

Own Components

For example, let's implement our own text input field.

        type = "text"
        :disabled = "state.disabled"
        @input = "input.change($"
<script setup>
    import {useInputState} from "jenesius-vue-form"
    const {state, input} = useInputState(

The useInputState method returns an instance of the Input class and a reactive state this field. After using useInputState , the given input is automatically connect to the parent form.

In this example, state and state.disabled were shown. To get an array errors (string[]), in useInputState you need to pass the second parameter ValidationGuard array:

const validation = [
	v => !!v || 'Field is required',
    v => (!!v && String(v).length >= 5) || 'Line length less than five'
useInputState(, validation);

Usually instead of const validation the input parameter props.validation is used

Composite Input

To implement composite inputs such as address (city, street, country), document (number, code) you must use FormProxy. Full information about compound fields and how to make them is here.